Saturday, 2 April 2016

WOW Watercolor Wishes Set

Good evening all

WARNING>>>>> lots of photos!

I have wanted the stamp set from the Watercolor Wishes Kit since I got the annual catalogue last year, but I don't really 'do' kits so decided to wait a while.... however with the new catalogue around the corner and the chance that this item may retire and I would miss out..... It had to be bought.

And WOW I am so glad that I did the kit is amazing.

Here is how cute it is here in it's little box.....

These are the fabulous stamps that I wanted...... look at the cute hello and just a note...!!

 And this is SOME! of what you get inside



There is more.... Envelopes, more stickers, more tags and die cuts and even some dimensionals!

A pretty amazing kit and here are a sample of cards that you can make with it, but of course you can do any design you like, this is just for inspiration!


Here are the details if you want to order one of these, I promise you that you will be pleased that you did :)  Visit my shop HERE, cost is £31.50 which will make you at least 20 cards!

Now that I have shown you what is in my lovely box, I am off to play!


Sam xx

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