Parties and Private classes

Parties & Private Classes

I would love to demo at a Stampin' Up workshops/parties for you.... want to learn more?  A party is the perfect place to try the products out before you actually spend any money! But you actually can earn yourself some FREE hostess spends if your workshop hits £150.  What do you think so far??

  A night in, with friends.....making stuff and having fun? All you gotta do is contact your friends and I will bring the party!

I am happy to run parties on any evening except Wednesday - and also able to come at the weekends too

Please check HERE for dates that are free.

F.A.Q's about In-Home parties

Q. How many people should I invite?
A. As many as you can fit in your home plus a few extras as you always get cancellations

Q. Do I need to cater for the event?
A. No a cup of tea/coffee and some cake will be great

Q. I don't know enough people!
A. Some of my most successful parties have been with a smaller group. With a smaller group I have time to speak on a one to one basis and offer a more personal service.

Q. My house isn't big enough!
A. I usually split the group up for crafting, so as long as you have a table/area its fine as we can craft in small groups!

Q. I have a couple of friends who cannot make it, can they still order?
A. Of course they can, just show them your complimentary catalogue before the event and take their order.

Q. How long will the products take to arrive?
A. Usually within a week of your party.

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